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Holistic Connections

Healing From The Inside Out


I’m Melissa, a trauma informed therapeutic yoga teacher and health educator.


It is wonderful that you are here exploring options to manage your well being


I offer scientific evidence-based holistic services to help reduce physical and mental suffering and to assist with the restoration of balance for a healthier whole


Using a functional, client - centred approach I support a harmonious relationship between client and practitioner. I also provide empathic understanding and hold an unconditional positive regard for those I work with.


My offerings can complement western medical interventions or be used on their own.

  • have physical symptoms they cannot get answers for

  • struggle with symptoms of anxiety and/or depression

  • find that medication and/or other therapies are not enough

  • feel stuck in a cycle of habits/coping mechanisms that are not working anymore

  • prioritize the needs of others before their own

  • have a detrimental fear of judgement and/or failure

  • feel unfulfilled in their relationships

I Am Passionate About Supporting People Who:

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"When you remain true to yourself first, you also show up authentically to others and the world around you."

Melissa Holt

My Story - A Transformation


My Diagnosis


It was only six weeks from the time two, strange bald patches appeared on my scalp until I lost most of the hair on my entire body. The specialist called it Alopecia Universalis - an autoimmune disease. 

Nevertheless, despite this dramatic signal that something was dreadfully wrong, I did not change my habits. Instead, I purchased a wig and false eyelashes, and pushed myself even harder to exceed medical sales targets that could be cashed in for lucrative bonuses, all the while going above and beyond for clients and colleagues.



Unhealthy Coping Strategies


​Why did I ignore my physical health?

I grew up in an emotionally chaotic and dysfunctional home of generational trauma where heat and hot water were not always available. From a young age I learned that my emotional needs were not important so I adapted by suppressing my feelings and disconnected from my body. ​


As an adult, this resulted in self medicating with alcohol, engaging in toxic relationships, and choosing fast-past, high-pressure jobs that demanded the majority of my time. As a result, my trauma only compounded.



Antidepressants Change Mood, Not Habits


Therapy and medication lifted my anxiety and mood, but unfortunately, these supports were not effective at changing the habits and beliefs I had developed in childhood as a means to survive. 


It took the entire world going into COVID 19 lockdown before I started to consider my true needs and what I was going to do about them. During this time, yoga allowed me to safely reconnect to my body, and over time with consistent practice, it eventually became the gateway to creating healthier patterns, helping me to regain control over my life.


I was amazed at the transformations that took place. 


As a result, my focus on what health truly entailed began to shift, and I decided to delve deeper into studying skincare and chemical toxicity, along with diet, the chakra systems, and yoga itself. 




Today I am humbled by the experiences life has given me, no matter how difficult the challenge. I am happy to say that I now take the time to notice the simple pleasures the world has to offer.

When I am not working you can find me hanging out with my dog and my partner, as well as enjoying nature, reading, connecting with loved ones, and exploring new cultures while travelling the globe.


  • 500 HR IAYT Accreditation Approved Advanced Yoga Therapy with VSOHA (Vancouver) - Presently Completing 

  • 300 HR Foundations of Yoga Therapy with VSOHA (Vancouver) - 2021

  • 240 HR YA Approved Enriched Yoga Teacher Training with VSOHA (Vancouver) - 2021

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree (Psychology Major) with SFU (Vancouver) - 2006

  • Student of yoga (India & Vancouver) - since 2002

My Credentials

"The onset of inauthenticity may not be a choice, but with awareness and self-compassion, authenticity can be."

Dr Gabor Mate


transform your beauty to light . . . . . . .


Private Yoga

  • yoga therapy

  • yoga 

Yoga Child's Pose

Group Yoga

  • workshops

  • healing circle series

  • public events and classes

Bath Products


  • consultations

  • products


“Melissa provides a great opportunity to be guided into reconnecting with my body in a way that is customized to my needs. She asks good questions and listens with interest and curiosity. I also like that she is flexible with her offerings, calmly adapting to what is coming up in the moment, while still addressing my main goals.”

- Tina (Yoga Therapy)

“Melissa offers incredible compassion and insight. Her questions give me some good things to think about, while helping me clarify details and timelines. The “exercises” we practice don’t feel like “work” at all and make my back feel so good! Her repetitive recommendations help me to remember proper form. She also offers a great guided meditation. I especially like her voice and suggestions. This was the first time I experienced meditation in this way, and I was quite surprised at how mind clearing and relaxing it was. Furthermore, it was interesting to learn how seemingly negative or inconsequential thoughts and feelings can actually be quite intrusive. I also really appreciate how Melissa adapts the session to my specific needs that day. I feel understood by her and I am hopeful for the future!”

- JAZ (Yoga Therapy)

“I went into Melissa's Yoga For Anxiety workshop expecting a mild refresher since I had taken many yoga courses for mental health over my life. I was blown away (literally) by how much of a difference her breath work practices made on my grey mood and sluggish energy. Anxiety can be a really heavy subject, but her way of sharing stories alongside the scientific explanations she gave, made it really easy to take in.”

- Wendy (Yoga For Anxiety Workshop)

“I started using Beautycounter in the spring of 2020 and I continue to use them today. I like that they support clean beauty, along with their mission of “getting safer products into the hands of everyone”. I have many Beautycounter favourites, but I especially love the Countertime Collection. The Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence leaves my skin feeling hydrated, while the Antioxidant Soft Cream helps my complexion glow as it reduces my fine lines. Melissa also provides outstanding care and service as my skincare consultant. She always takes the time to explain each product to me and frequently checks in to ensure everything is to my liking. Thank you, Melissa, for helping me with my health regime and keeping my skin beautifully youthful!!”

- Natalie (Skincare)


“It was an amazing experience meeting Melissa. She helped me walk through my current physical and mental conditions with great care and consideration. During our time together I was able to achieve clarity surrounding the root causes of my challenges, as well as gain some insight on what I can do to feel better.”

- Berry (Yoga Therapy)


“Melissa’s teaching is beautifully precise and supportive. She creates a safe container for me to explore within, while emphasizing the importance of listening to my own body alongside her cues. In her classes I discover the strength of my physical and emotional layers again and again. I also like that I am invited into spiritual observations. I am happy to be part of her teaching journey!”

- Kristina (Public Class)

“I met Melissa at a party a few years ago and was immediately taken by her radiant skin. She was glowing and looked “the picture of health”. We struck up a conversation and I had to find out her secret. That is how I was introduced to Beautycounter. We connected the following week and Melissa listened intently to what I was looking for in a skincare line - something that was clean and ethical. Melissa is a great consultant. She is always available to answers any questions I have, keeps me updated on promotions, and checks in whenever I try something new to see how I like it. I am especially fond of the Countertime Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil and the Countertime Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence, but my absolute favourite Beautycounter product is the All Bright C Serum. I love, love, love it! It’s like a kiss of sunshine for my skin. A quality product, support, and great service is important to me. Thanks Melissa!”

- Sharon (Skincare)

“Melissa was very warm and informative. She explained the objective clearly, and through the thoroughness of her intake questions, she was able to understand my situation well. She eased me into a comfortable start with the guided breathing exercise we practiced, and I left feeling like I would benefit from this kind of work. I would definitely be comfortable recommending Melissa to others.”

- Paul (Yoga Therapy)

“Melissa is a talented yoga teacher. I leave her classes feeling peaceful, stronger, and rejuvenated. She creates a space that is both calming and empowering for me - a combo that makes for a beautiful class.”

- Lisa (Public Class)

“I typically don’t feel comfortable on zoom as it does not feel like a safe and united place to learn and grow, especially when the content surrounds something that is as complex and beautiful as the human mind. Melissa’s energy, empathy, patience, compassion, curiosity, and care has no bounds, and despite my apprehension with online learning in this way, I felt Melissa’s qualities deeply, even through the screen. My mind has been getting clearer as I continue to heal; however, the invitation to connect and delve deeper with Melissa was very interesting. I learned a lot of new things and was able to gain such clarity on how I process emotions. She also gave her time generously when I had questions after the workshop. I felt seen, heard, and supported, all of which are a crucial part of healing. Her story and her own journey inspired me so much and I’m looking forward to working with Melissa again.”

- Steph (Yoga For Anxiety Workshop)

“I really love my Beautycounter products! The app is user friendly and I appreciate the eco conscious packaging. My skin has looked and felt amazing since starting my new regime over a year ago, but the one thing I really enjoy is the personal consultation I have with Melissa. She is always there to answer my questions and offer suggestions. Whenever there is a special promo she reaches out with a reminder and has my best interest at heart. I would recommend Beautycounter products and Melissa any day!"

- Yori (Skincare)

“My time with Melissa was very enjoyable and educational. She is personable and easy to talk to. She also connected and catered to my needs accordingly.

- Elizabeth (Yoga Therapy)

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