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•Comfortable clothing that can be layered for warmth, and accommodate easy movement of the body, are recommended.


•For online sessions please arrive with your mat and props, in a space that is quiet and feels safe, where you and I can easily view  each other through the screen on your device.

•Equipment will be provided for Private Yoga sessions. Clients are also welcome to bring their own if preferred.

•In person sessions will be held in accordance with the British Columbia COVID 19 health and safety standards.

•Pre-payment is required in full at the time of booking.

•Payments are accepted via credit card, debit card, PayPal, or online bank transfer which can be sent to

•All Group Yoga purchases are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-extendable, unless otherwise approved in writing by the Founder of Holistic Connections.

•For Private Yoga purchases, cancellations occurring less than 48 hours prior to a booking will result in a 50% session charge, unless otherwise approved in writing by the Founder of Holistic Connections. Refunds will not be given for missed appointments, unless otherwise approved in writing by the Founder of Holistic Connections. Notification of cancellations need to be sent directly via email to

•For late arrivals, sessions will end at the scheduled time and the full fee will be charged.

•Confidentiality is maintained at all times. Session notes are kept in a secured location and are available for clients to view upon request with notice.

•Exceptions to confidentiality include instances where there is a court order issued by a judge, where there is evidence of clear and imminent danger to self and/or others, and, where the abuse or neglect of any person under the age of 18 years is disclosed. In cases such as these, I may be required to release information contained in records, and/or testify in a court hearing.

•My work is periodically reviewed and reflected upon with my clinical supervisor, who is also bound by confidentiality, and who provides direct support to me in relation to my professional development. Please note that personal, identifying details such as name, age, occupation, place of residence, etc will not be disclosed.

•A Waiver & Release Of Liability Agreement needs to be signed prior to using Holistic Connections’ services.

•Clients must be 16 years of age or older to use Holistic Connections’ services. Written consent from a legal guardian is required for clients under the age of 18 years.

•It is recommended that clients continue with their personal health routine as suggested by their doctor or medical professional. If you are living with an unmanaged diagnosis, trauma, or current crisis, please seek out the support of a qualified professional while accessing
my services. Should you require a referral, I can assist you with this process.

•In order to enhance healing and growth, it is highly recommended that clients practice their learnings outside of the time that is spent in session. Bringing a journal/notebook and something to write with to your service is also encouraged.

•The client always has choices in everything he/she/them does. If there is something that the client is not comfortable with, the practitioner should be informed and the client can choose not to partake at anytime. 

•Holistic Connections adheres to the Ethical Commitment of YA and the IAYT Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibilities, which can be viewed by the client at anytime. 

•Holistic Connections reserves the right to revise the service rates along with the YOGA SERVICES' POLICIES, TERMS, & CONDITIONS at its discretion, by updating this website. Clients are advised to periodically visit to ensure they are up to date and aware of any changes.


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