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Private Yoga
(Online & In Person)


Yoga Therapy 

(No Previous Yoga Experience Needed)

My sessions are therapy focused with an emphasis on mental health. combine modern day western science with postures, practices, and philosophies from the ancient eastern discipline of yoga to help clients heal through the development of body based techniques and self regulation strategies

While working closely with the nervous system, I offer a space for clarity and acceptance, and assist with rejuvenation and transformation. I support grounding and stabilizing through the process of connecting breath and movement, so that inner body exploration can then take place in order to enhance interoceptive awareness - the ability to access, identify, understand, and respond to the patterns of internal signals


It is through this method that individuals can build or add to their own tool box of resources to draw from, and ultimately lead more empowered, balancedconnected, and resilient lives.

Initial Intake Session 

(90 mins)


Post Intake Sessions 

(75 mins)


*Sliding scale options are available. Please inquire within.


transform your beauty to light . . . . . . .


If you are a beginner, or would like to enhance your established personal practice, private sessions can be very beneficial for your overall mental and physical health. Yoga can help with many things, including but not limited to, improving strength, flexibility, sleep, and digestion, along with offering an increased sense of connectionreducing stress, and restoring balance


I offer several different styles of yoga, including Hatha (alignment), Vinyasa (strength and endurance), Yin (elasticity and joint mobility), and Restorative (stillness with props), all of which can be tailored according to your preferred intensity level.

Session components can include asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation, and/or philosophy, with a focus on reviewing correct alignment, refining specific techniques, or participating in guided sequences.

Initial Intake Session 

(75 mins)


Post Intake Sessions 

(60 mins)


*All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CDN) and do not include GST unless otherwise stated.

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