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Group Yoga
(Online & In Person)

Yoga Child's Pose


(No Previous Yoga Experience Needed)

This is an ideal way to experience healing in a small collective community with other individuals facing similar challenges. Compassion and respect are practiced, while judgement is left at the door. 


Enhancing interoceptive awareness - the ability to access, identify, understand, and respond to the patterns of internal signals - will set the foundation of our time together, as we work through various components including group sharing, psychoeducation, body based practices, and journaling. 

Yoga For Anxiety 

Yoga For Depression 

  • Option 1 - 4hrs

  • Option 2 - 2 Part Series @ 4hrs each

*Price is dependent upon group size. Dates are flexible.


transform your beauty to light . . . . . . .

Healing Circle Series

(Online Only)

This 8 week series is designed for those who want to heal within a collective community, joining others who are also facing similar challenges. Compassion and respect are practiced, while judgement is left at the door. 

Our time together will include journaling, group sharingasana (physical postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation, and visualizations.


This is a great opportunity post workshop, especially if you feel that applying what you learned would be made easier by attending regular, structured sessions lead by a professional.


Partaking in a community program like this can assist you with staying accountable to yourself, while aiding with the creation of new neural pathways so that healthy habits can start to develop. The consistency and commitment that is exercised here can then help to improve "new habit accessibility" in everyday life. Research shows that over time, old patterns can be replaced with new coping strategies in this way, so that individuals can be better equipped to choose the more familiar option.

Yoga For Anxiety 

Yoga For Depression 

  • Sessions are 1.5hrs each week via Zoom

  • Dates to come

  • Price is $240

*Sliding scale options are available. Please inquire within.


transform your beauty to light . . . . . . .

Public Classes & Events

For those who would like to attend my public classes and events, you can find me aligning to the mission and values of various studios and organizations, supporting the wellbeing of their clients through yoga.

Therapeutic Yoga For Anxiety -

Relax & Release

Open Door Yoga

Cultivate fresh energy for March by clearing the residual stress you are holding onto from February.

Monday, February 27, 2023

7 - 8:30pm PST

$26.25 (including tax)

Online via Zoom

Yoga Outreach Annual Retreat 

Loon Lake Lodge, Maple Ridge

March 17 - 19, 2023

(from $450)

  • Therapeutic Yoga To Relax & Release

     (Sat, Mar 18th from 7:30 - 9pm PST)

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness West End

1777 Haro Street, Vancouver

Tuesdays @ 8pm PST

(from $19)

  • Therapeutic Candlelight Deep Stretch & Relaxation (with FAR infrared heating)

Working closely with the nervous system, all Therapeutic Yoga To Relax & Release classes are slow paced and incorporate gentle movement with longer held postures to calm the mental and physical layers of the body. Using the breath as an anchorstudents are graciously guided into stilling their minds alongside finding the alignment that feels best for their unique needs. Within the quiet that is cultivated, participants are then encouraged to observe, allow, accept, and tend to what arises. Those who experience tension, restlessness, worry, irritability, frustration, and/or, who have difficulty concentrating and/or sleeping may especially benefit from this practice.

*All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CDN) and do not include GST unless otherwise stated.

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